Organic Geometry, Owen James Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (solo)

Channelizing, Flecker Gallery, Suffolk County Community College (with Jonathan Cowan) (Catalogue)
Nonspecific Places, Simuvac Projects, Brooklyn, NY (with Jonathan Cowan)

Convex Chromascope, Thomas Hunter Projects, Hunter College, New York, NY (solo)

Making Strange, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY (solo)

Points of Entry, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin, Germany
Very Far Away from Anywhere Else, AA Collections, Vienna, Austria

We Gave It Our Best the Rest Is Up to the Hope Chest, (Traveling Exhibition), Im Ersten, Vienna, Austria
Expand and Flourish Among New Acquaintances, Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
Lazuli, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Disquieting Vicinities, Owen James Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

10 Part Intervention, JAUS, Los Angeles, CA
New American Pain, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
We Gave It Our Best, Now the Rest Is up to the Hope Chest (Traveling Exhibition), Penelope, Ridgewood (Queens), NY; Austrian Cultural Forum, Washington DC; Eastside International, Los Angeles, CA
Material Myth, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York, NY
From New York with Love and No Sleep Till Berlin (Traveling Exhibition), The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Josty, Berlin, Germany
Materials / Abstraction, Owen James Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Paintings in Trees, The People's Garden, Brooklyn, NY
Static Cling 2, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Brooklyn, NY
The Earth is All I Know of Wonder: Contemporary Responses to Hartley, Driscoll Babcock Galleries, New York, NY

Keramos, Space776, Brooklyn, NY
Funkdafied, Rhombus Space, Brooklyn, NY
In the Office of the Drunken Monkey, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY
To Tiger with Love, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Space Heater, Harbor Gallery, Ridgewood (Queens), NY

December’s Letters, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
The Flat Files: Year One, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY
Eleven, Our Garage Space, Easton, PA
Sweatpanting, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Victory for Tyler, Victory for All, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Correspondence I, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Paperazzi 2, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Collectively Assembled, Arts @ Renaissance Gallery, St. Nicks Alliance, Brooklyn, NY
Strange Glue: Collage at 100, Thompson Gallery, The Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, MA (Catalogue)

Collage Logic, The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, MA
Sight and Sound Exhibition, The Billboard Art Project, Richmond, VA

The Billboard Art Project: Reading, PA; Duluth, MN; Savannah, GA; Nashville, TN
tART Year 8, Art @ Renaissance, Brooklyn, NY
Collage Logic, Governor's Island, New York NY
Painting with Pictures, Artjail Gallery, New York, NY
Brainbow, Place Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Yet Another Roadside Attraction, The Billboard Project, Richmond, VA
What's in a Collective?, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Curiosity Room, Kathryn Miriam Contemporary Art & Projects, Pool Art Fair, New York, NY

tART at A.I.R., A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Flash Company, A Handkerchief Show, Cecil Sharp House, The English Folk Dance and Song Society, London, England
Everything Must Go, Century Plaza, Birmingham, AL

U(r)-Bahn, Fountain Art Fair, Miami, FL
Fabryka Sztuki Exhibition, Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, Poland
tART Summer Salon Show 2008, Rabbitholestudio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Unrolled Art, Wallpaper Competition, Studio Printworks in conjunction with the Hoboken Historical Museum, Hoboken, NJ
Babylon Lexicon, Artists Book Exhibition, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Goldring Riverview Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Vern in Heat, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY
tART Spring Salon Show 2006, New York, NY
NYU Small Works Show, Washington Square East Galleries, New York University, New York, NY

Group Exhibition, Blue Box Productions, Gallery Ice, Theater and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2002)
Philadelphia Museum of Art Invitational Exhibition, Philadelphia Museum of Art in conjunction with Two Commerce Square, Philadelphia, PA (2001)

Vermont Studio Center, Artist/Writer Grant, Johnson, VT

Hunter College Ceramics Area Artist-in-Residence, New York, NY

East Side International, Los Angeles, CA

Elsewhere Studios Residency, Paonia, CO
Sight and Sound Residency, The Billboard Art Project, Richmond, VA

Fabryka Sztuki, Artist in Residence, Bialystok, Poland

Revealing Reflected Refractions, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY (co-curated with Jonathan Cowan) (upcoming)

Conversation Space, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY

Neo-Craftivism, The Parlour Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY (co-curated with Roxanne Jackson and Robin Kang)

Solid Pull, TSA, Brooklyn, NY (co-curated with Caroline Santa)

Intramural, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA (co-curated with Caroline Santa)

What Surrounds Us, Ernest Rubenstein Gallery, The Educational Alliance, New York, NY

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2012 – Present
Founding Member, TSA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2004 – 2013
tART Collective, New York, NY: 2009 Coordinator

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division
Fairfield University

MFA, Hunter College, City University of New York, New York, NY

BFA, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Elkins Park, PA
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